Semiconductor Processing Company
12 Channel Street #702
Boston, MA  02210
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Semiconductor Processing Company
Precision Wafer Manufacturing since 1967
Semiconductor Processing Co. (SPC) shall continue in operation at its present facility in Boston, through 12/31/2012.
In 2013, SPC expects to continue in operation, likely in a different location. Thus we expect move-related disruptions during January.
We encourage our clients to place orders for our precision wafer manufacturing services for completion in 2012.

SPC expects to be selling some of its surplus wafer manufacturing and metrology equipment at the end of 2012.
We will be happy to demonstrate such equipment in operation, before that date.

Wafer Manufacturing

Silicon on Insulator (SOI) and Germanium on Insulator (GeOI)

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(updated 3-11-11)
Semiconductor Equipment Sale

    El-Cat, Inc. is helping to sell a large catalogue of Semiconductor Processing equipment located at SPC, 12 Channel St in Boston MA. Included are a Production Bonder for SOI and Wafer Direct Bonding, Scanning Acoustic Microscope, MRL Dual Horizontal Tube Furnace and a variety of ADE gauges.