Cabot Corporation (Boston, MA) purchased SPC in 1986 as part of an effort to enter the Gallium Arsenide crystal growth market.  In 1990, four
employees took control of the operation and moved to the current 18000 sq.ft  location in the Marine Industrial Park.  To increase their
photovoltaic germanium substrate capacity, Umicore (Belgium) purchased the facility in 1996.

Several major investments were made by Umicore:

  • Class 100 cleanroom
  • Increased polishing capacity
  • Robotic surface grinder
  • Surface inspection equipment
  • High performance thickness measurement equipment
  • Wafer bonding and bond quality inspection tools
  • Silicon on Insulator manufacturing
  • Germanium on Insulator manufacturing

In January, 2007, Semiconductor Processing Company was purchased and is operated by one of it’s former owners from 1990.
Ralph Soper and Sumner Mayburg left Sylvania Electric to start Semiconductor Processing Company
in 1967 as a specialty wafer manufacturer in Hingham, Massachusetts.  The company moved to a
3000 sq.ft space in Boston in 1980.
Boston, MA  02210
Voice (617) 345-9936
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